Veterinary Services

To provide Vetrinary Services to clients in order to ensure healthy animals and welfare of people of South Africa.

  • Animal Health: To Facilitate and provide animal disease control services in order to protect the animal and human against identified infectious, zoonotic and / or economic diseases through the implementation of the Animal Diseases Act (Act 35 of 1984), and primary animal health programme / projects.
  • Export Control: To provide control measures including risk assessment and health certification in order to facilitate the exportation of animals and animal products.
  • Veterinary Public Health: To ensure the safety of meat and meat products through the implementation of the Meat Safety Act (Act 40 of 2000), the Animal Diseases Act (Act 35 of 1984) and other relevant legislation.
  • Veterinary Laboratory Services: To render veterinary diagnostic, laboratory and investigative services that will back the control of animal diseases for adherence to hygienic standards and to generate data.

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